Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter Treat Table

I was going through all my Easter decorations,(which is not much and alot of it doesn't coordinate) to try to pull together an Easter Treat Table.  The treats are all inexpensive, and make an easy last minute table setting.

I had old Easter boxes, I drilled holes in the top to make
a lollipop holder.


Little Debbie "Spring" Krispy Treats, I cut these in half,
you can also dip the end in chocolate and add sprinkles.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go - Graduation Invite

I am working on a graduation printable package.  Here is the invite that will be included.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Here are pics from our Asian Party - Harajuku Style - for my daughter's 12th birthday.  I got alot of my ideas from Restless Risa's Blog, this party was so cute, I had to find a way to adapt it for my tween.

Enter....the Harajuku twist.  I sent pictures to each of the guests of how teenagers in Japan dress in the Harajuku district.  It was so much fun, seeing what the girls came up with to wear!  Our first craft, was making funky hats to embellish their "loud" outfits.

The decorations consisted of parasols, japenese lanterns, cherry blossoms, and butterflies.   I made all the custom printables.

The food was really inexpensive, got it all from the Dollar Store, swedish fish, rice krispie treats and swiss cake rolls.  I cut fruit roll ups to wrap around the krispie treats.  I found fortune cookies at the grocery store, and dipped those in white chocolate.  This was soooo quick and easy!

The cupcakes were AWESOME!!  Sarah Watkins of Sweet Sarah's Cakes in Clemmons did a remarkable job! They were all too cute to eat!  She made each one look like the guests.