Monday, June 25, 2012


I finished an Alice in Wonderland Party on Sunday for a sweet 4-year-old. 

I had a lot of props in storage from my daughter's Mad Tea Party from six  years ago.  Hard to believe I had so much stuff!  This party was fun to plan, and it brought back many, wonderful memories. 

Alot of the decor I had, just pulled from my holiday decorations, Valentines, Easter and vintage items I had around the house.  I did splurge on the giant clock, I scored at Hobby Lobby for $40, original price $200!  The glass was broken and the knob was missing, but was so excited for my find, I couldn't resist buying it.  Plus, it will look great at Halloween!  The other clock on the Drink Me sign was another great find for just $2!

Entry to Wonderland...

I incorporated the birthday girl into the illustrations of the book. 
 The Table...

These little hats were left over from my oldest daughter's Harajuku party. 
They were mini St. Patricks Day hats, that I purchased at the Dollar Store (5 hats for $1). 
I just added some ribbon, feathers and flowers to give them a Mad Hatter feel. 

Inexpensive and adorable party favor!

Chair Back Decorations...fabric strips, and old valentine ornaments.

Mad Hatter Haberdashery...

I purchased these hats after Easter on clearance,
and just jazzed them up a bit with ribbon & flowers.

My Grandmother's Hats!

One of activities, making hats out of newspaper!

I made the cupcake toppers, the silhouette is a picture of the birthday girl. 
Cupcakes were provided by Sweet Sarah Cakes.

I made the teapot sign above from one of my old frames, and just backed it
with wrapping paper, and added a teapot wood shape from Michael's. 
The harlequin runners on the tables and candy buffet were all wrapping paper too!
For just $3, it covered all the tables and frames!

The mom of the birthday girl is the owner of Sweet As Sugar Candy Buffets,
so she provided all the sweet treats in these beautiful containers along with teapot, teacup and clock cutouts.  She also made some beautiful button bouquets!

The cheshire cat is one of the leftover decorations from 6 years ago. 
I hand painted them on poster board and had them laminated. 
There was also Alice, The Mad Hatter and The White Rabbit.

Photo Opportunities...These Giant Hearts I got from CVS Pharmacy years ago,
when they were getting rid of their hanging valentine store decor.

Sisters...The Mad Hatter and Alice, the birthday girl!

Tip Junkie handmade projects


  1. Gorgeous wonderland party!

  2. I love themed parties and this one is just adorable! I bet you have fun at your job. Thanks for sharing! I found you at Tip Junkie.

    1. Thanks Katharine, I do love my job, but it's more like a hobby ;-)

  3. Wow, what a great party theme! And the photos of the girls are priceless.

    1. Thank you! It was alot of fun, and the girls were adorable.

  4. Where you you find the cheshire cat grin photo props? Or did you make them?